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Deep Cycle Batteries | Spira-Cell Technology


Up to 2 times longer life

Spill-proof and maintenance free

Over 15 times more vibration resistant


Deep cycle and starting power for off road, car audio, high performance street rod and commercial applications.


Deep cycle and starting power for fishing boats, performance boats and recreational vehicles.


Starting power for SUVs, trucks, cars and performance vehicles. Sealed cells eliminate damage from battery acid.


1. Spiral Cell Technology for superior vibration resistance and extended life

2. Absorbent Glass-Matt separators hold electrolyte like a sponge to eliminate acid spilling

3. Tightly compressed cells for added vibration resistance

4. 99.99% pure lead - Spiralcell design allows for lead to be used in its purest form

5. Solid cast cell connections for increased durability and maximum plate height

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Spiral-Cell Technology

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